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 Video and New Media Art curated by LiveBox

Around the Coyote 2008 Fall Arts Festival
Now in the West Loop
October 17-19

Plumbers Hall
1340 W Washington
West Loop, Chicago               Opening Night

The Tiny Dance Film Series, 4 Kiosks, 4 performance videos, 2006. The Tiny Dance Film Series is a collaboration between choreographer Peter Kyle (NY) and sound artist James Garver (NY), featuring dancer Holley Farmer (NY). It consists of very short and very small films screened on iPods in a darkened kiosk for an audience of one. The result is a uniquely personal, interactive

experience for the viewer, which evokes the nostalgia of an old-time penny arcade.


Second Front, live internet performance developed and enacted specifically for the Around The Coyote Festival. Second Front is the pioneering performance art group in the online avatar-based world, Second Life. Founded in 2006, Second Front quickly grew to its current 7 member troupe that includes Gazira Babeli (Italy), Yael Gilks (London),

Bibbe Hansen (New York), Doug Jarvis (Victoria), Scott Kildall (San Francisco), Patrick Lichty (Chicago) and Liz Solo (St. Johns).

Second Front Live Performance Saturday Night


Rain, interactive video, 2008, Youngsuk L Altieri, Korea/Indiana. Viewers have the opportunity to interact with the piece by altering the abstract imagery. A microphone picks up sounds such as stomping feet,

clapping hands or talking, which change the digital patterns of imagery. Viewers will become the performers and collaborators in Altier’s work.


Self-Portrait, 4 videos, 2006, Hye Yeon Nam, Korea/NJ. Self-Portrait is an attempt to literally represent Nam’s psychological and bodily displacement representing the experience of immigration to non-immigrants. In each video the artist represents her

discomfort from feeling out of place in the U.S. Nam performs simple, everyday tasks, such as eating, drinking, and walking, however, each task is designed for failure.


Embroidering Leaves, 2-channel performative video, 7:14 minutes, 2007, Sonja Hinrichsen, Germany. During a stay in rural Connecticut Hinrichsen embroidered words into live skunk cabbage leaves growing in the forest. The words reflect her perceptions of this particular environment, landscapes described in old fairy tales, where witches and fairies would dwell. The lush vegetation, vibrant sound scapes and the transformation of the land during dense fog and the diffuse twilight of dawn create a surreal, otherworldly setting.


Iwano-Frankiwsk, painting and performative video, 2007, Wojciech Gilewicz, Poland. Iwano-Frankiwsk is a city in the Ukraine that has an amazing collection of art displayed in a Roman Catholic Church built 300 years ago by Poles (Ukraine was part of Poland). Gilewicz work is a dialogue between today

and yesterday. Gilewicz deploys representational painting and video to refresh art works long forgotten.


Jane, performative video, 3:40 min, Moon Na, Seoul Korea. Jane explores the artist’s identity as an Asian woman in a society influenced by Western culture. Moon Na deploys her body as the primary medium in her videos. Moon raises controversial issues through her minimalist actions on screen, emanating slight movement to explore political and social themes.