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Previous Exhibitions


LiveBox programingg is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


LiveBox Artist Erick Souther Presents New Work from his Residency

Unseen Signal
Unsee Signal still

LiveBox at the Directors Lounge

UMBRA by Malcolm Sutherland screening opening night, Feb 9th,

Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin

UMBA, still, Malcolm Sutherland

LiveBox is back for Hyde Park Art Center's Mischief Night!October 29th

In conjunction with the Chicago Opera Vangaurd, LiveBox presents:

Title Question Mark - A Certainly Uncertain Journey

Be prepared for blazing brass, hot couple dance-fu, cataclysmic destruction, the highest of high drama and more. Performers will strike anywhere, at any time. Tread lightly, keep your eyes open, make no sudden movements and remain suspicious of everyone...everywhere...all the time.


Mischief Night will also include a LiveBox screening program touching the essence of Edgar Allen Poe, Doris Lessing and Roald Dahl

They want my bacon slice by slice participating artists: Celeste Fichter, Mark Franz, Tony Gammidge, Ellen Lake, Rebekkah Palov, Malcolm Sutherland

Rebekkah Palov, "Seaworthy", video still, 2010

LiveBox at upArt ! Gladstone Hotel Toronto

October 27 to October 30, 2011
Coincides with Toronto International Art Fair

LiveBox performance opening night!


They Want My Bacon Slice By Slice

October 29th, Hosted by HPAC

Participating artists: Celeste Fichter, Mark Franz, Tony Gammidge, Ellen Lake, Rebekkah Palov, Malcolm Sutherland


Subtitles VI - The Last of the Masters


July 15, 2011 Hosted by ThreeWalls

For SubtitlesVI, Lee Blalock, Eddie Breitweiser, and Tommy Heffron will present utopias, dystopias, universes, multiverses, fiction, science & science fiction through their words, sounds, and movements.


Subtitles V - The 17th Annual Booker C Daniels Memorial Extravaganza!

June 17, 2011 Hosted by ThreeWalls
On the night of the Booker C. Daniels Memorial Extravaganza, performers will pay tribute to the undying flame of humor, honor the power of words and marvel at the beauty of language in all its voracious complexity and seductive capability. Through ancient techniques of stand-up, sketch and improv comedy, we salute in time ever eternal Mr. Booker C. Daniels. Hoorah. Hoorah. Hoorah...Indeed the night is young, let us have a little fun.


Subtitles IV - Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment


...a performance-art event in a gallery space seems likely to bring the most breadth and depth in a tribute to Wallace’s work...  


Hosted by ThreeWalls

Participating Artists: Cassandra Troyan, Georgia Wall, and Sebastian Alvarez


Subtitles III

3rd Fridays - , 6:30-8:30PM,    March 18, 2011

Hosted by ThreeWalls

119 N Peoria St # 2D
Chicago, IL 60607

Participating Artists: Max Alexander, Zach Dodson, Natalie Edwards, Justyn Harkin, and Eric Powell

Max Alexander, performance

Subtitles II

Feb 18 , 6-8PM

Participating Artists: Mark Franz, James Payne, and VIDEONERO

Hosted by ThreeWalls

119 N Peoria St # 2D
Chicago, IL 6060


Subtitles I

A Night of video, noise art, performacne and redings inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.

Participating Artists: Robert Ladislas Derr, Jac Jemc, Ryan Dunn and Joseph Kramer

“Subtitles” is a series of projects inspired by literary themes. The series will be hosted by ThreeWalls. The events will include video screenings/installations, new media, sound art, performance and literary readings. We are looking for work which is inspired by or evokes works by Edgar Allen Poe, Doris Lessing and Roald Dahl.



Noise hosted by the Hyde Park Art Center, Gallery 1, 7-10 PM, October 30th

The coming together of disparate yet connected artists in an exciting and fruitful atmosphere – playful and approachable. Sound art, noise art and performance. Noise brings together some of Chicago's most innovative circuit benders, arts programmers and multi-channelers with a delectable sense of style.

participating artists: Max Alexander, Mark Beasley, Noé Cuéllar, Justin Cabrillos, Ryan T Dunn, Carol Genetti, Joseph Kramer, Tamas Kemenczy, Jenny Vallier, Ryley Walker, and Andrew Scott Young


Flow Interrupted

Hyde Park Art Center Chicago - February 1 – March 1, 2010

Flow Interrupted explores abstraction in the context of new media art. The artists in this exhibition deploy code, animation and video editing techniques to create works that celebrate the elegance of mathematical form and unpredictability of seemingly organic systems.

Dream, Claudia hart Propagation II, Terry Nauheim

Dream, video still, Claudia Hart                                              Propagation II, vidoe still, Terry Nauheim

Participating artists: Brett Ian Balogh, Luis Felipe Carli, Grégory Chatonsky, Claudia Hart, Aaron M Higgins, Terry Nauheim, Alessandro Perini, and chdh collective (Nicolas Montgermont, Cyrille Henry, & Damien Henry)


LiveBox - LAB

LiveBox initiates the LAB where 20 emerging artists were given a studio space to create a site specific project. Projects were unveiled at a fund raiser for Around the Coyote and are now available for viewing by appointment until Jan 27, 2010

participating artists: Eric Ashcraft, Mark Beasley and Isabella Ng, Ryan T Dunn, Sam Jaffe, Scott Jarrett, Xavier Jimenez, Brookhart Jonquil, Mik Kastner, Shirin Mozaffar, Holly Murkerson, Nicholas O'Brien, Gary Pennock, Ben Shilo Rosenberg, Jonas Sebura, Markus Vogl and Margarita Benitez, Yefeng Wang, Jared Weiss


"The Ease of Oak"

October 17 - 18, 1240 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Around The Coyote's Fall Festival Media Arts by LiveBox. A multimedia exhibition of artists working with algorithmic karaoke, video, living matter, digital prototyping/casting, symbolic battle translation, latch hooked rugs, box fans, custom software and three-dimensional modeling.

List of Artists:Mark Beasley, Alan Hatcher, Cassandra Jackson, Mik Kastner, Liliya Lifanova, Luis Palacios, Aaron David Ross, Alan Strathmann, Katie Waugh, Syniva Whitney, and Dynamic Ascension Live

Ease of Oak Exhib

Because The Night

The exhibition October 19 - November 13, 2009
at the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University, Orange California.

Media Artists include:
Caleb Engstrom, Fabienne Gautier, Paulo Fernandez, Christina McPhee, Midori Sakuraï, Pierre St-Jacques, and Michael Szpakowski.

Because The Night was inspired by Patti Smith’s recording “Because the Night”, and reflects the multiple facets of human behavior and local habitats in the night. The exhibition is curated by Sabina Ott with a video screening program by LiveBox.

paulo Fernandez  

May 10 - July 5, Artists Run Chicago -

The Hyde Park Art Center exhibition documents the great entrepreneurial/DIY spirit of Chicago's art scene by showcasing alternative spaces in the city from 2000 to the present.

LiveBox installation "Best Friends" will include: Krista Birnbaum, Tim Geers, Katy Higgins, and Julia Oldham

Jellyfish Tracing still, Kay Higgins “Jellyfish Tracing”, video still, Kay Higgins  

Sugar – Video and New Media Art curated by LiveBox
Around The Coyote Spring Festival

Participating artists: Ben Carney and Cassandra Jackson, Spencer Paul Hutchinson, Brookhart Jonquil, Mik Kastner, Alex M. Lee, Shane Mecklenburger, Surabhi Saraf, Micah Schippa, Sandra Rosas Ridolfi, Wonbin Yang, and performances by Justin Bloc , Matt Griffin, Mark Franz, and Ryan Dunn.

Sugar openingSugar openingsugar

"Bits and Pieces" at Hyde Park Art Center curated by LiveBox


Exhibition and Screening at

Hyde Park Art Center

exhibition March 15 - April 12

lecture and screening April 2nd, 6PM

Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell Avenue
Chicago, IL 60615

“Lilly”, 6:30 min, 2007, Jodie Mack


LiveBox at the Directors Lounge Berlin

Directors Lounge Berlin Logo

February 5-15. 2009, Berlin Mitte, Friedrich Str. 112A

Experimental cinema, short films, new media art, many terms for many different ways to create art works with moving images. This world beyond cinema is more vivid than ever and for 11 days we will shed a light on the current state of art. More than 250 artists from all parts of the world will be screened. Many of them show their work for the first time in Europe, several films will be screened in world premiere. Again we hope to become much more than just a festival, a Lounge to meet like-minded folks, a club to celebrate cinema in all it´s incarnations.

LiveBox Screening Program includes:

Chie Yamayoshi,“I want to make a video about you”
Pierrre St Jacques,
“Project for a Grey Dress in NY”
Ellen Lake,
“I was Never Glamorous, I was Just Around”
Christopher Bruchansky,
“On The Couch”
Elizabeth Riley,
Marlo Bodzick,
"w_b_m (water, breath, money"

LiveBox installation:

Tim Geers: USA, looped video. “Eleanor”, 2007, (3:11 min) gorgeously shot with reminiscences of Planet Earth and other wildlife documentaries, yet subtly critiquing the US involvement in the Middle East. The piece is shot tightly capturing crickets caught in a liquid substance, presumably oil. The close-up shots depict the bugs devouring and succumbing to the liquid. The piece is open enough to engage a dialogue on excess as well as war.


LiveBox is pleased to announce “I want to make a video about you”, by Chie Yamayoshi (2005, 12:00 min), will be screened at the Flint Institute of Art this December.

A young woman invites strangers found on the Internet to act out intimate roles, friend, family member or boyfriend. The piece unpretentiously delves into issues of cyber culture, racial stereotypes, intimacy and anonymity, danger and fantasy.


LiveBox at Around The Coyote Festival 2008

ATC Video and New Media Arts Curated by LiveBox

This year’s ATC space for the Festival was the curatorial inspiration for digital art. The site is designed for performance and its beautiful Beaux Arts features and Art Deco Architecture serve as stage. Performance art has a long and intimate history with video, going back to the birth of video art in the 60s. Today technology has broadened the possibilities and nature of performance in video and new media. This year’s media program explores the rich context of performance and the diversity of platforms deployed by artists in this arena. Participating artists: Youngsuk Altieri, Wojciech Gilewicz, Sonja Hinrichsen, Moon Na, Hye Yeon Nam, Second Front (Gazira Babeli, Yael Gilks, Bibbe Hansen, Doug Jarvis, Scott Kildall , Patrick Lichty, and Liz Solo), and collaborative group James Garver, Peter Kyle and Holley Farmer.

Click here for Media Arts Program




LiveBox at Looptopia
Around The Coyote Video Lounge Curated by LiveBox

May 2, 2008

A Night of Animation


LiveBox at

Bridge Art Fair Miami
Room 124
December 6-10, 2007
Catalina Hotel and Beach Club,
1732 Collins Ave
Miami, FL 33139


Video Art and New Media Lounge

at 2007 Around the Coyote
Fall Arts Festival



Vision 12 at kasia kay art projects

performance: Saturday: July 28th, 12:00 - 4 pm.

Pocket Biosphere Adoption Ceremony, Vaughn Bell, 2007
Participants receive a pocket-sized world of moss and earth contained within a plastic sphere. Each one signs an adoption form co-signed by the artist and receives instructions for care of his or her biosphere. This performance was created as part of the home biosphere installation at the Cambridge Arts Council Gallery's Self-Sufficient exhibition, 2004.



Notions of Wilderness

at kasia Kay Art Projects

Conceptions of wilderness have been important subjects for visual artists throughout history. Notions of Wilderness includes artists deploying multiple mediums to uncover their context of wildness.

June 1-July 28, 2007
Kasia Kay Art Projects
1044 W Fulton Market St, Chicago, IL 60613

Exhibiting Artists:
Adam Chapman
Kim Curtis
Kim Dorland
Howard Fonda
Carla Gannis
Claudia Hart
Jodie Jacobi
Joseph Kohnke
Heather Lyon
Chris Oakley
Julia Oldham
Dominika Skutnik
(art)n collaboration Gerhard Mantz, Ellen Sandor, and Chris Kemp

Hastabryot, 2007
Joseph Kohnke


          Copenhagen Cycles, Erick Dyer

LiveBox celebrates Mindfield

Mindfield Studio

3701 N. Ravenswood Ave. Suite #251 Chicago

May 3rd, 8pm - 12pm



"Nebraska", installation by Sonja Hinrichsen

Place in a Flat World

at Three Walls Gallery and Residency, Chicago

April 13-19th 2007

Supported by:


Place in a Flat World challenges the homogenization of globalization through the poetry, mystery, singularity and history found in the artists’ immediate environs.




LiveBox in Berlin

Directors Lounge

February 10th

during the Berlinale

Berlin International Film Festival 2007





Echoes of MOD 70s


The artists in this exhibition echo the saturated colors, intensity and inventiveness of this decade.

LiveBox Gallery appropriates the holiday shopping season creating greater access to video and new media art. LiveBox exhibited video and drawings at Hejfina, an eclectic lifestyle shop on Milwaukee Ave.


"Unfolding Space"

Julieta Aguilera

Unfolding Space is a virtual reality environment that explores higher dimensional navigation on a grid structure linked to gesture. The experience cycles through color, like the times of the day, atmospheric conditions, seasons or eras, seeking to internalize the sublime in the evolving forms and sounds perceived.


"Prickle Britches"

Jill Johnston-Price


Open House Project at the Jacobi home on October 14, installation, sculpture, photography, painting, and video. Curated by Jodie Jacobi "This show is an outpost between “gallery districts” and “block parties”; a celebration of artists and the community".

LiveBox curated video for the show.




ROLL 42 second loop

Robert Ladislas Derr

"Roll" was a playful exercise conducted in Vancouver, Canada for the Pre/amble: Festival of Art and Psychogeography. Reminiscent of childhood activity, Robert Ladislas Derr partakes in a dizzying roll down a hill. Roll was a chance to introduce a sense of the irrational in the course of daily routine.

“ROLL” was projected on the front of the building, overlooking I90 at the North Ave exit.



Gosia Koscielak Studio and Gallery and the residents of 1646 N. Bosworth Ave graciously offered LiveBox the use of their building for projection. .  



LiveBox at the Director's Chair

Berlin, Germany

July 13, 2006



LiveBox at Ravenswood

Space, Place & Interface

3701 N. Ravenswood Ave. - Suite #251


June 1-4, 2006




LiveBox at Nova