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Current Exhibition



Subtitles V - The 17th Annual Booker C Daniels Memorial Extravaganza!

participants to be announced soon

June 17, 2011 Hosted by ThreeWalls


In 1828 Noah Webster published An American Dictionary of the English Language, precursor of the modern day Merriam-Webster dictionary. On June 17th in 1828 Booker C. Daniels died due to the combinatorial effects of Laudanum cocktails and stubbing his toe. The former event marks a vast and important achievement in the English language while the latter closes one of the greatest chapters in The Book of Life - Abridged Children's Edition. 

Born in the infancy of the United States, Booker C. Daniels lived a life of rural wit and routinely paralyzed small to medium sized animals with carefully placed one-liners. Inherently possessed with the uncanny ability to joke the pants off a statue, his comedic prowess grew to eventually be known by everyone from presidents and foreign dignitaries to spider ants and even a guy named Steve. It is said that to this day, every time someone laughs so hard they spit out their drink, a small piece of Booker's hair is ingested by a worm. Never far from a friend in need and routinely first to the widowed spousal bed, he routinely drank the cup of life asunder and upon looking into the eyes of god, made the first ever chicken crossed the rode joke.

On the night of the Booker C. Daniels Memorial Extravaganza, performers will pay tribute to the undying flame of humor, honor the power of words and marvel at the beauty of language in all its voracious complexity and seductive capability. Through ancient techniques of stand-up, sketch and improv comedy, we salute in time ever eternal Mr. Booker C. Daniels. Hoorah. Hoorah. Hoorah...Indeed the night is young, let us have a little fun.


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