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Subtitles II

Feb 18 , 6-8PM

Participating Artists: Mark Franz, James Payne, and VIDEONERO

Hosted by ThreeWalls

119 N Peoria St # 2D
Chicago, IL 6060

Mortale video still, VIDEONERO

Come and meet Mark Franz our performance guest artists from Florida.

Mark Franz’s video and sound work explores contrasts between technology and nature.  His work has been exhibited worldwide at venues including International 18!, Hollyshorts Film Festival, Bagasbas Beach International Eco Arts Festival, and Pixelerations.

Check out what VIDEONERO is up to and what James payne has been writing

Subtitles II is a night of Roald Dahl inspired video, noise art, performance and readings. Roald Dahl is most known for his unsentimental and often wickedly humorous children’s books, but he also wrote 60 adult short stories most noted for their dark sense of humor and surprising endings. Dahl’s short stories have inspired tonight’s programming. Participating artists include VIDEONERO (Paolo Bonfiglio), James Payne, and Mark Franz.

6:00 PM

The evening will begin with a video screening of “Mater” and “Mortale” by Italian artist VIDEONERO. Both videos are animations developed in collaboration, using the drawings of Paolo Bonfiglio and the music of Mick Harris. “Mater” is a dark story of a woman in a tiny room giving birth, from a most absurd conception. “Mortale” follows a man, a dog and a crow lost in a snowscape.

7:00 PM

Matt Griffin will read one of Dahl’s short stories, followed by a James Payne reading. James Payne is an artist, musician and writer from Columbus, Ohio, currently living in Chicago.

Mark Franz, visiting from Florida, will present "The Pig" an audio/visual performance based on text written by Roald Dahl. Franz is intrigued by Dahl’s reputation, known for imaginative children's stories while his adult texts are mostly forgotten.  This work attempts to present both sides simultaneously, with each informing the content of the other.  Custom electronic instruments provide rhythmic pulses that accompany the spoken word, visual, and textual elements.

Video stills from "Mortale", VIDEONERO