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LiveBox at Mindfield


          Copenhagen Cycles, Erick Dyer

LiveBox celebrates Mindfield

Mindfield Studio

3701 N. Ravenswood Ave. Suite #251 Chicago

May 3rd, 8pm - 12pm

To celebrate the reluctant ending of 6 years of alt-space
experimentation on the bleeding edge of interactive chaos, Mindfield studio will present "uPod", a coordinated set of interactive audio and video installations driven by the input of the 800 sq ft. custom made Mindfield sensor floor, plus additional non-interactive pieces.

Planned installations include a massive interactive beatbox on the sensor floor and a photo streamer that is driven by keyword input from phoned-in SMS text messages. Partial list of artists includes sound artist group Solow, composed of Stelios Valavanis and Roman Bolks, curated pieces from LiveBox, Brian Dressel, of OVT visuals, Sara Schnadt, and Gordon Kummel.

This event is part of this years versionfest

LiveBox video program:

Eric Dyer, Baltimore, MD
Copenhagen Cycles

6 min 35 s, zoetrope, 2005
Eric Dyer holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Mount Royal School of Art, Maryland Institute College of Art. Dyer is an adjunct professor of visual arts at the University of Maryland Baltimore County as Screenings of his work have been viewed at numerous film festivals including the 2006 Ann Arbor Film Festival, where he received the Gus Van Sant Experimental Film Award, 2006 Maryland Film Festival and the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. Additionally, his work has been in featured in group exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, OH; The Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA and Transmediale in Berlin, Germany.well as a designer/animator for clients such as Discovery Networks and PBS Kids.


Kim Collmer DE/US
Berlin Skin

2 min, mixed media, 2007
Painted photographs come to life through animation techniques- paint on glass, drawing, and digital techniques. Buildings and textures become places for daydreams and memory.

Lee Arnold

2006, 05:05, continuous loop
S-Bahn is a trip through a real and imagined Berlin. A formerly divided city that also serves as the border between eastern and western Europe, Berlin is the onetime home of Albert Einstein,
Vladamir Nabokov, Kurt Weill, W.H. Auden, Iggy Pop, and the Third Reich. 21st century architecture has left the layers of Berlin's history exposed to plain view.