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LiveBox - NEWS

July 2014

“Barbecue” at Hyde Park Art Center

July 15, Tuesday 6-8 PM in the "Beast"

If you haven't met John Preus's "The Beast", come to Hyde Park Art Center, grab a smores, enter teh Beast, and watch the amazing short films by Hugo de Kok & Kay van Vree, David Lachman, Jeff Warmouth, Center For Genomic Gastronomy, Jungmin Son, Carl Rowe, Celeste Fichter, Peter Millard, Dave Green. Each a visual delight, and as fund as a Barbecue!

June 2014

“Barbecue” open call for video

Food beyond sustenance has been a topic in literature and art since the gastronomy orgies of Ancient Rome. More recently the moving image has brought us treats of seduction, nostalgia, and excess. Think Ratatouille and Anton’s Ego’s sublime reaction to his childhood meal, or the Spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp, the Big Kahuna Burger in Pulp Fiction, coffee and cherry pie in Twin Peaks, the prison cooking scene in Goodfellas, Albert Finny sharing a tavern meal in Tom Jones, the entire feast in Babette's Feast, the 50 eggs in Cool Hand Luke, nearly every scene of Chocolate and Julia & Julia. We’re looking for your creative turn on the themes of food - excess, seduction and nostalgia. Surprise us, and keep it short, maximum of 5 min. All genres accepted, but we’re looking for a truly innovative vision. Deadline June 30th.

February 2014

After eight amazing years, LiveBox is now on Hiatus.

Life has taken over in a good way. Patrick is now an active member of Design Cloud Chicago and a founder of On The Mark MultiMedia. Matt has returned home and is energizing Toronto through Electricity Is Magic (EIM). Catherine's art work has taken on new heights and collaborations with dance, performance, and film. She is also in the midst of authoring a book. So for the moment LiveBox will dim its lights, however, we will maintain the website as an archive to the amazing artists who have participated in our venture.

Check out Eric Souther's New Work from LiveBox Residency - Unseen Signals

Ritual for the Death of a Tree

Ritual took hold of Eric during the residency and became an obsession, involving dirt, trees, smoke, ancient ceremonial practices, death, the cosmos.

Unseen Signals

July 3, 2013

LiveBox is thrilled to announce Rebekkah Palov's Residency August 2013

Rebekkah works in sound, video and objects for screens. She was a member of early 90's DC and Olympia punk scenes where she played bass-guitar in project bands. Her sound compositions have been programmed at SoundFjord Gallery London UK, Digital Art Weeks, Zurich and SoundLAB, Cologne.

Images from Eric Souther's Residency - Goodby Eric, you will be missed


May6, 2013

LiveBox is thrilled to announce Eric Souther's Residency June 2013

Eric Souther is a video and new media artist who creates custom software for manipulating audio and video in real-time. His interests include the materialization of digital aesthetics and the ritualistic spaces of media: the masks of media, the myths of media, and how they change the way we perceive our world.

Nov 1, 2012

LiveBox is thrilled to announce Sonja Hinrichsen Residency January 2013

“Snow Drawings” is an ongoing project where Hinrichsen “draws”, in collaboration with local communities, large designs in the winter environment. Crystal Lake and its nearby park reserve provides an ideal “canvas” for “Snow Drawings”.

Sept 2012

This year we have a new focus, after years of curating exhibitions and happenings, we’re now focusing our energies on the art process.
“Cabin of the Sublime – Or Not” is a two-week residency focused on refection and critical thinking. This is not the place you come to feverishly produce. A space has been built for artist to reflect, an intimate cabin that needs your ideas to fill it up, not data from the web, voices of critics, curators, and collectors – simply your voice. Submissions are now being accepted.

August 1, 2011

Great summer to all. Subtitles VI surprised all; Lee Blalock, Eddie Breitweiser, and Tommy Heffron presented utopias, dystopias, universes, multiverses, fiction, science & science fiction through their words, sounds, and movements. Subtitles VII, the last in the series, will be a screening program of the best of the best videos submitted for the series. ThreeWalls will host the event this coming Sept.

LiveBox will be participating in upArt Toronto in October.

        we will keep you posted


SUBTITLES IV - the Night!


Cassandra Troyan, Georgia Wall, and Sebastian Alvarez

SUBTITLES III - the Night!



The evening begins at 6:30 with a sound experience by Max Alexander. His work has been shown around the world form New Zealand to Saskatchewan. Alexander is a dominant player in the sound and new media community in Chicago.

We are very excited to announce the Literary participants for the night: Zach Dodson, Natalie Edwards and Justyn Harkin.

3rd Fridays - , 6:30-8:30PM,    March 18, 2011

Hosted by ThreeWalls   119 N Peoria St # 2D   Chicago, IL 60607

SUBTITLES II - opening

Participating Artists: Mark Franz, James Payne, and VIDEONERO

Max Alexander                                                 Mark Franz

James Payne                                                    "The Pig" Mark Franz

SUBTITLES I - Great opening

Thanks to everyone who came out in the bitter cold weather! Great evening!


January 21 begins a year long project, Subtitles, devoted to literature and it's impact on artists work. Doves & Crocodiles is our first 3rd Friday. Edgar Allen Poe, his work and ethos, is the focus inhabiting works by Robert Ladislas Derr, Jac Jemc, Ryan Dunn and Joseph Kramer. If your 're a van of the mysterious and macabre come join us!

Mischief at Hyde Park Art Center

LiveBox Sonic Tours were a hit on Mischief night

Congratulations to Max Alexander, Mark Beasley, Noé Cuéllar, Justin Cabrillos, Ryan T Dunn, Carol Genetti, Joseph Kramer, Tamas Kemenczy, Jenny Vallier, Ryley Walker, and Andrew Scott Young.

Flow Interrupted

Exhibition opens at Hyde Park Art Center Chicago

Flow Interrupted explores abstraction in the context of new media art. The artists in this exhibition deploy code, animation and video editing techniques to create works that celebrate the elegance of mathematical form and unpredictability of seemingly organic systems.

Participating artists: Brett Ian Balogh, Luis Felipe Carli, Grégory Chatonsky, Claudia Hart, Aaron M Higgins, Terry Nauheim, Alessandro Perini, and chdh collective (Nicolas Montgermont, Cyrille Henry, & Damien Henry)

Because the Night travels to Houston

Aurora Picture Show Houston hosts LiveBox screening held at Diverse Works in Houston. Feb 7&8

Caleb Engstrom, Fabienne Gautier, Paulo Fernandez, Christina McPhee, Midori Sakuraï, Pierre St-Jacques, and Michael Szpakowski.


LiveBox Lab - opening night

Cold!, but a brilliant show, some truly compelling site-specifc works you can still view (by appointment (contact Allison Stites (773) 342-6777).

LiveBox Lab opening nightScott Jarrett sculptureperformance

RedDomelectronic perfSam Jaffe installation

Sugar - LiveBox New Media exhibiton for ATC's Spring Festival

Well receive by the Bucktown community and Chicago at large! Fabulous performance on Saturday night, check it out:


on teh ballgluevacum


sugar ballMikopening


LiveBox participatesin Artists Run Chicago

Artists Run Chicago - opening Sunday May 10th 3-5 PM

The Hyde Park Art Center exhibition documents the great entrepreneurial/DIY spirit of Chicago's art scene by showcasing alternative spaces in the city from 2000 to the present. LiveBox installation "Best Friend and Muse" includes: Krista Birnbaum, Tim Geers, Katy Higgins, and Julia Oldham. These artists have created fresh and compelling projects with animals as their primary inspiration, metaphor, or medium.

opening opening 2 opening3

Featured Galleries: 1/Quarterly, 65GRAND, Alogon, Antena, artLedge, Butchershop, Co-Prosperity Sphere, devening projects + editions, Deluxe Projects, Dogmatic, Fraction Workspace, Fucking Good Art (FGA), Green Lantern, He Said-She Said, HungryMan, joymore, Julius Caesar, Law Office, LiveBox, Margin Gallery, Medicine Cabinet/Second Bedroom Project Space, mini dutch, Modest Contemporary Art Projects, NFA Space, Normal Projects, Old Gold, Polvo, Roots & Culture, Scott Projects, Standard, Suitable, Swimming Pool Projects, Teti, The Suburban, and VONZWECK.

A program of events related to the exhibition will coincide with the Hyde Park Art Center’s 70 days for 70 years programming series commemorating the Center’s anniversary. Activities will range from bike tours of the artist-run spaces, cookouts, panel discussions, and public performances or reinventions of memorable happenings like an outdoor art event produced by joymore that once took place in an abandoned lot in Humboldt Park. In addition to the exhibition and events, the Center plans to build and house a permanent and public archive documenting Chicago’s past and present artist-run spaces through the gathering of materials for Artists Run Chicago. A publication documenting the exhibition will be produced by Threewalls/Green Lantern Press.

Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell Avenue
Chicago, IL 60615

Phone: (773) 324-5520
Fax: (773) 324-6641

Mon-Thurs: 9am-8pm
Fri-Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm


February 10, 2009

LiveBox would like to recognize and thank several institutions it is collaborating with this year: Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), Around the Coyote (Chicago), Directors Lounge (Berlin) and Aurora Picture Show in Houston. We also hope to continue offering artist work for exhibition opportunities at The Flint Institute of ARt in Michigan. Last year two artist from LiveBox, Tim Greers and Chie Yamayosh,showed there work at FIA. 2009 is turning out to be a very exciting year!

February 3, 2009

LiveBox at the Directors Lounge Berlin

February 5-15. 2009, Berlin Mitte, Friedrich Str. 112A

participating artists: Chie Yamayoshi,Pierrre St Jacques,Ellen Lake,Christopher Bruchansky,Elizabeth Riley, Marlo Bodzick,and Tim Greers

January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!
"Bits and Pieces" curated by LiveBox will screen at Hyde Park Art Center coinciding with Mary Lou Zelazny's retrospective at the HPAC. LiveBox is pleased to announce that a collaboration between the HPAC and Around the Coyote will also bring "Bits and Pieces" to the ATC Gallery. Exhibition dates for HPAC and ATC to follow. Participating artists: Gregg Biermann, Sean Capone, Valerie George, Henry Gwiazda, Ellen Lake, Jodie Mack, Ruth Pringle, Michael Szpakowski, and the ManosBuckius Cooperative.

October 21, 2008

Around The Coyote continues to surprise, the festival moved to it's new site in the West Loop without a hitch. The video component curated by LiveBox was enthusiastically received thanks to the amazing artists participating in the exhibition. Congratulations to Youngsuk Altieri, Wojciech Gilewicz, Sonja Hinrichsen, Moon Na, Hye Yeon Nam, Second Front (Gazira Babeli, Yael Gilks, Bibbe Hansen, Doug Jarvis, Scott Kildall , Patrick Lichty, and Liz Solo), and collaborative group James Garver, Peter Kyle and Holley Farmer. Photos from opening night:

Sept 6, 2008

Mark your calendars for the up coming Around The Coyote Festival. This year, ATC makes it easy on us by having three days of visual art exhibits, literary readings, film screenings, music and theater performances—all under ONE ROOF in West Town. LiveBox is curating Media Arts; this year's theme is performative video and interactive media. The festival runs from Oct 17-19th, Saturday night will include a live internet performance by Second Front.

Participating artists: Youngsuk Altieri, Wojciech Gilewicz, Sonja Hinrichsen, Moon Na, Hye Yeon Nam, Second Front (Gazira Babeli, Yael Gilks, Bibbe Hansen, Doug Jarvis, Scott Kildall , Patrick Lichty, and Liz Solo), and collaborative group James Garver, Peter Kyle and Holley Farmer.

Click here for Media Arts Program

June 18. 2008

As an exciting output of the Artropolis Fair, 3 artists exhibiting with LiveBox will participate in the Flint Art Institute's Film program. Tim Greer, Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey, and Chie Yamayoshi will each be featured in a 4-6 week exhibition, Tim Greer this September, Chie Yamayoshi Nov/Dec 2008 and Robyn and Sven early 2009.

April 28, 2008

Artropolis Art Fair was an exhausting 5 days, whether you were a viewer or exhibitor. There was so much to see, experience and process. The LiveBox video Lounge and installations were well received, leading to museum interest in three of the videos screened or exhibited. The video work stood out. Congratulations to the participating artists: Blake Carrington, Fabienne Gautier, Tim Geers, Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey, Julia Oldham. Screening Room:Marlo Bodzick, Christopher Bruchansky, Ellen Lake, Pierrre St Jacques, Elizabeth Riley, Chie Yamayoshi.


December 16, 2007

Miami was an experience this year, over 20 art fairs and a very discerning crowd. The traffic was dispersed and therefore not the level of last year, but the viewers seemed more interested in spending time discussing the work. LiveBox has always approached the Miami Fair as a time to expose video and new media work to a broader audience, our expectations for sales have been pretty low, but this year people bought video and new media work. There was very little media work in Miami and LiveBox became the place to go. It was a very exciting and rewarding experience. Thanks to all the artists who made it so.



October 18, 2007

The Video Art and New Media Lounge was a huge success thanks to the amazing work exhibited and screened. Alan Artnet senior editor of art for the Chicago Tribune and Time Out Chicago listed the Media Lounge as the place to be during the Festival. A video documentation of the Media Lounge can be viewed by clicking on the images below:


June 1, 2007

Vision 12 at kasia kay art projects
performance: Saturday: July 28th, 12:00 - 4 pm.

Pocket Biosphere Adoption Ceremony, Vaughn Bell, 2007
Participants received a pocket-sized world of moss and earth contained within a plastic sphere. Each signed an adoption form co-signed by the artist and received instructions for care of his or her biosphere!


July 13th, 2007

Vision 12 opening at kasia kay art projects,


June 1, 2007

Installation images of Notions of Wilderness, location

Kasia Kay Art Projects Chicago.

April 16, 2007

Full house at Three Walls for the opening of "Place in a Flat World"! Below images of installation and opening night.

December 11, 2006

Miami proves to be like no other art experience, a virtual frenzy of parties and art platforms. No where have I seen so many blurry-eyed lookers; Miami was saturated with no less than 13 satellite fairs, plus "the Big Fair", and programs by every commercial and non-for-profit art establishment in the city. Many corporatist also got involved with "art happenings" by art stars. It was a whirlwind experience. So much art, some amazing, some familiar and a lot of spectacles masquerading as art.

LiveBox presented well. We received numerous comments from collectors, writers, curators and viewers that the video at LiveBox was the best collection of work they'd seen in Miami, thanks to the terrific artists exhibiting, and the video library of work from artists who have exhibited at LiveBox in 2006. The exhibition has lead to 4 collaborative opportunities where LiveBox has been asked to curate programs for the Director Lounge in Berlin, the Victory Park in Dallas, and Video and New Media Festivals in Munich and Italy.


November 20, 2006

Echoes of MOD 70s opened Friday night. Shoppers came and were intrigued by the art, art lovers found themselves browsing the amazing merchandise at Hejfinas, just at it should be. I found myself enthralled in a large scale book on contemporary architecture from around the world. Don't miss it, the exhibition will be up through December.





October 23, 2006

Julieta Aguilera really put her time in on opening night and during the Fulton Market Walk weekend! Unfolding Space opened with a terrific response, a steady flow of people throughout the 4 days were amazed by Julieta's piece. The drawings provided an emotional bridge to the virtual reality installation.

October 16, 2006

"Open House Project" was dynamite thanks to curator Jodie Jacobi. There was a great turnout and due to popular demand, the show will be extended for a week. You can make an appointment to see the show by calling Jodie at (847) 424 9678. Opening night photos:


September 1, 2006

LiveBox projection of "Roll" over I90, by Robert Ladislas Derr photos of opening night reception and screening.



August 3, 2006

LiveBox has been busy: LiveBox at the Directors Lounge in Berlin this past July, "Roll" by Robert Ladislas Derr to be screened over I90 in August, Julieta Cristina Aguilera's "Unfolding Spaces" coming this October and our MOD 70s show with Hejfina scheduled for November and December. LiveBox will also be going to Miami in December exhibiting at the Bridge Art Fair. In addition, LiveBox Youth begins workshops with Marwen in October. Keep watching, and send us your submissions and ideas for future shows around Chicago.

June 15, 2006

Received great reviews for "Space, Place & Interface from Bad at Sports art podcast. Check it out:

June 6

"Space, Place & Interface" was well received at our June 2nd opening, view pictures below.




June 2-4

LiveBox will be exhibiting at an 1800 sg ft loft space in the Ravenswood area of Chicago. For more information click on LiveBox at Ravenswood

Submissions for LiveBox at Ravenswood are due May 4

May 2

Photos from LiveBox at NOVA Fair

LiveBox had an amazing debut at NOVA, there was an enormous buzz around the gallery and tremendous response from critics, curators, educators and the public. Here are some images of the show:



April 27-30

LiveBox will be exhibiting in the Nova Art Fair Chicago

Location: City Suites Hotel, 933 West Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60657