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“Barbecue” Our Final Exhibition

Food beyond sustenance has been a topic in literature and art since the gastronomic orgies of Ancient Rome. More recently the moving image has brought us treats of seduction, nostalgia, and excess. Think Ratatouille and Anton’s Ego’s sublime reaction to his childhood meal, or the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp, the big kahuna burger in Pulp Fiction, coffee and cherry pie in Twin Peaks, the prison cooking scene in Goodfellas, Albert Finny sharing a tavern meal in Tom Jones, the entire feast in Barbette's Feast, the 50 eggs in Cool Hand Luke, nearly every scene of Chocolat, and Julia & Julia, Marie Antoinette, A Christmas Story, … Warhol’s film Eat. The following artists have taken a stab at the topic, providing visual delights and a bit of fun to a universal topic.

Hugo de Kok & Kay van Vree, 1:14 min, 2012

An experimental film in which we where curious about the forms and shapes food makes when you flatten them. After that we composited different parts of the video and each gave them a separate time span so we could edit on the music.

David Lachman, 4:30 min, 2004

Homemade involves something that anyone can try at home. The short is all about what happens when making baked goods from frozen treats. “I wanted to show what happens when you take something too literally.”

Jeff Warmouth, 7 min, 2007

A sci-fry history of potato space exploration.

“Glowing Sushi Cooking Show”
Center For Genomic Gastronomy, 2:22 min, 2011

Glowing Sushi Cooking Show uses everyday ingredients and some simple kitchen chemistry to explore cutting edge biotechnology. The GloFish® is a patented and trademarked brand of genetically modified (GM) fluorescent zebra fish.

“The Cooking Show – Toad in the Hole”Jungmin Son, 1:50 min, 2013

Stop motion animation, quirky, fun, exquisitely executed an innovative.

“The Cooking Show –Za Za Zaa”
Jungmin Son, 1:50 min, 2013

Stop motion animation

Carl Rowe, 4:09 min, 2014

Salivate combines culinary method and madness, something akin to F. T. Marinetti's 'La Cucina Futurista'. The title ‘Salivate’ is derived from Anthony Burgess's novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and his reference to Pavlov's experiment with dogs and also to B.F. Skinner’s research into ‘operant conditioning’.

“Word Salad”
Celeste Fichter, 2:53 min, 2014

Semantically confused, 'Word Salad', is a 3 minute linguistically senseless video portrait of food-related word play. It includes an unintelligible mixture of flying lettuce, apples disguised as pineapples, plummeting plums, and  aluminum cans that can't.

Peter Millard, 3:08, 2010

“Custard is semantics for the deranged, a blur of strange images and misplaced sounds that form a narrative of nonsense. The childish scribbles zoom and whiz all over the screen, confident and purposeful, only occasionally pausing to observe one another with ponderous expressions, as if these characters acknowledge the chaotic nature of the animation”, Gorilla Film Magazine.

“Melt Down”
Dave Green, 6:08 min, 2009

Starring David Cross as Ham Sandwich along with members of KickDrum Decade.


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