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  Legible Nature, new mdeia installation


Adam Chapman's solo and collaborative projects have been shown internationally at museums, festivals, and galleries, including: the DeCordova Museum, the American Museum of the Moving Image, the New Museum's Z-Media Lounge, the Whitney Museum's Artport, SVA's Digital Salon, D.U.M.B.O. Film and Video Festival, and SIGGRAPH. In 2002, he was nominated for a Rockefeller New Media Fellowship. His work has been written about in The New York Times Online, Newsweek, Communication Arts, MIT's New Technology Review and Leonardo.

What Adam has to say about "Legible Nature": humankind has always defined “self” in relation to both the natural and the manufactured world around us. Increasingly, we see nature and technology merging in unprecedented ways; from the robotic and digital pets available in toy stores to the convincingly simulated animals and plants in movies. I am interested in the personal experiences and emotions motivated by this overlap of nature and technology. In my work, I create these moments in several different ways.

In one form, I take a naturally occurring phenomenon, like the flight pattern of birds, or the way water drops roll down a window pane, and first use computer algorithms to create a digital imitation of it. Once I have achieved a realistic simulation, I manipulate these algorithms, modifying the phenomenon to create a magical or surreal experience.