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Around The Coyote Video Lounge Curated by LiveBox

Five Monitors Solo Artist Installations

Julia Oldham: USA, “Dead Stop”, 2007, (2:24 min), “Croon”, 2008, (2:18 min), “Merrow”, 2008, (2:56 min) collection of single channel videos based on the artist's performance of mating dances. Oldham is interested in inhabiting the mental space of animals, particularly those that are hardest to relate to: insects and invertebrates. She translates the movements, behaviors and mating rituals of invertebrates and other small animals into choreography that she performs in front of the camera. The resulting videos are concerned with playful anthropomorphization.

Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey: USA, single channel video. “New and Improved” 2007, (2 min 21 sec), shows a manic flash-card script for positive thinking and self-improvement. Overloading between directives and objectives: “I am…, I can…, I will…” the reader can’t prioritize between daily minutiae or life-changing goals. The handwritten cards come from an actual exercise in behavioral modification. It’s a poignant collision of conflicting ideals: the remnants of a stringent work ethic vs. self-regulated emotional development attempting to keep pace in a post-Fordist global economy.

Tim Geers: USA, looped video. “Eleanor”, 2007, (3:11 min) gorgeously shot with reminiscences of Planet Earth and other wildlife documentaries, yet subtly critiquing the US involvement in the Middle East. The piece is shot tightly capturing crickets caught in a liquid substance, presumably oil. The close-up shots depict the bugs devouring and succumbing to the liquid. The piece is open enough to engage a dialogue on excess as well as war. Travels to Berlin for Driectors Lounge Festival 2009 *

Fabienne Gautier: France, single channel video. “Passing”, 2007, (9:40 min) is a short slice of life on the streets. Isolation on the streets of Paris is captured by the daily dealings of one homeless person.

Blake Carrington, USA, single channel video. “Sky and Wires: At Home and Homeless, 2007, (9:30 min) ponders a contemporary life of engaging with places not as somewhere to be, but as a place to chart a trajectory through. The piece is presented in multiple-screen format, and an aggressive pattern and flow of image and sound become predominant, as the importance of individual scenes and notes is blurred. In two movements, still imagery from locations in New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Arizona, Indiana, Louisville, Austin, and Las Vegas is introduced and then destroyed in a hyper-rhythm of image and always-progressing serial sound.

Screening Room Travels to Berlin for Driectors Lounge Festival 2009 *

Chie Yamayoshi, Japan/USA, “I want to make a video about you”, 2005, (12:00 min). A young woman invites strangers found on the Internet to act out intimate roles, friend, family member or boyfriend. The piece unpretentiously delves into issues of cyber culture, racial stereotypes, intimacy and anonymity, danger and fantasy.

Pierrre St Jacques, USA “Project for a Grey Dress in NY”, 2005, (12:30 min). The piece is very loosely based on Alain Robbe-Grillet's novel "Project for a Revolution in New York". A woman in her apartment is getting ready to go out, she is ironing her grey dress. A man comes up the stairs, presumably to meet her but this is not certain. The basic central theme is of desire. Desire for the other and also for the self.

Ellen Lake, USA, “I was Never Glamorous, I was Just Around”, 2006, (2:00 min), 16 mm film & cell phone video, color & black and white. A short meditation on balance, preservation, time and technology. This diptych connects cell phone images of an elderly woman to 16 mm films of her former youthful self skating with friends in the 1930s.

Christopher Bruchansky, Belgium, “On The Couch”, 2006 (7:00 min). The story analysis few seconds on a couch : Carlos has difficulties to relax... The supposedly trivial scene is recaptured on different angles, intimate, concrete or statistical, until it reveals all its meaning.

Elizabeth Riley, USA, “Liberty”, 2007, (12:00 min). Shot in the artist's studio, and on New York City’s West Side—and employing a blue tarp as a metaphorical dividing line between self and other—Liberty is a narrative of the integration of the body and an individual’s psychological states with the city.

Marlo Bodzick, Australia, w_b_m (water, breath, money), 2005, (2:27 min). A roll of toilet paper unravels, we hear, but don’t see the dynamic individual discussing the connection between water, breath and money. w_b_m is a clever call for the restoration of balance in our consumer-oriented society.