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Jill Johnston-Price

Jill's background in painting, photography and cinematography informs her animation work. Concepts she explores relate to the relationships of ecological systems of self-sustainment, the often bizarre interactions found in nature, and proposed in literature and theory.

Prickly roses, entangling barbs, zigzagging webs, exotic spinsters, capricious pussies, counterfeit mothers, and babbling battologists conspire to seduce a young girl through a deliriously surreal journey. This digitally composited and painted animation is a loose adaptation of the sleeping beauty tale, inspired by The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales edited by Maria Tatar, Struwwelpeter by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman, and the story of Little Briar Rose or "Dornroschen" by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The dual nature of the rose is utilized to entice, yet repel, the main character, Gemma, as she longs to follow her wanton feline on a grand, uncontrollable foray. Along the way a magnolious rose arouses her desire with its intoxicating aroma and fatal prick, which throws her into a contagious trance and gemmation.