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"Nebraska", installation by Sonja Hinrichsen


Place in a Flat World

Three Walls Gallery and Residency,

119 North Peoria St. Chicago

April 13-19th, 2007

Exhibiting artists:
Sonja Hinrichsen
Rachelle Viader Knowles
Philipp Geist
Brooke White
Jiang Zhi
LiveBox: Inter-Place

Place in a Flat World challenges the homogenization of globalization through the poetry, mystery, singularity and history found in the artists’ immediate environs.

Place n. area, location, locus, point, position, site, situation, spot, station, venue, whereabouts, city, district, hamlet, locale, locality, neighborhood, quarter, region, town, village,… source: Collins Thesaurus.

We could add “web” to the above, just where are we when we’re surfing the web? There is much hype about a world that is becoming flatter and more homogenized through globalization; the artists in this exhibition confront homogenation by focusing on the immediacy of their localities.

Sonja Hinrichsen’s focus is on immediate environments, investigating landscapes and cityscapes as well as industrial spaces. Hinrichsen grew up in heavy populated Northern Europe and has a fascination for the open spaces of the United Sates.

Rachelle Viader Knowles explores her neighbor Berine's relationship to living in Regina Canada while imagining he really lives in NY in "In My Mind I Live in New York".

Philipp Geist's "Riverine Zones Connected", documents from underwater to water surface multiple estuaries and rivers in Europe (usually recognizable heavily populated water ways and ports).

Brooke White's "Passing Through", is literally her displacement on journeys abroad. Places are not experienced, not really known, simply observed, merging into one long narrative.

Jiang Zhi's "Fly Fly” takes us to an internal space, a small apartment. I the tiny cramped quarters a hand mimicking a swan gently soars through the interior seemingly longing to escape.

“Inter-Place” probes a place within a virtual space. Video-streaming sites provide a personal screening room, open 24-7 no matter where you physically reside. An iPOD plays a collection of videos about locality, which have been downloaded from a variety of video streaming sites.