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There are no current exhibitions. Please do check out the artist's work.


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After eight amazing years, LiveBox is now on Hiatus.

Life has taken over in a good way. Patrick is now an active member of Design Cloud Chicago and a founder of On The Mark MultiMedia. Matt has returned home and is energizing Toronto through Electricity Is Magic (EIM). Catherine's art work has taken on new heights and collaborations with dance, performance, and film. She is also in the midst of authoring a book. So for the moment LiveBox will dim its lights, however, we will maintain the website as an archive to the amazing artists who have participated in our venture.


Check out Eric Souther's New Work from LiveBox Residency - Unseen Signals

Ritual for the Death of a Tree

Ritual took hold of Eric during the residency and became an obsession, involving dirt, trees, smoke, ancient ceremonial practices, death, the cosmos.

Unseen Signals

LiveBox came into its own in 2006, initially envisioned as an outlet for video. At the time, I was frustrated by the meager showing of video art in Chicago, as compared to NY, London, and Berlin. As LiveBox evolved and our curators worked with numerous artists locally and internationally, our interests also evolved. New Media, alternative sound, performance, and the cross-pollination of multiple disciplines became our passion, exciting projects that were often marginalized because of their non-commercial status. After years of curating exhibitions and happenings, a running new residency for critical thinking, we are signing off (at least for now).